Galloway Industrial hold a comprehensive range of industrial belts in stock to ensure we can despatch orders the very same day. We are authorised distributors for many of the leading belt manufacturers, so we’re confident we offer the highest quality service and support available in the UK today.


Specifically designed for lawn mowers, Horticultural Belts offer maintenance free operation in applications with exceptional hard working conditions such as Lawn mowers, Rotovators and Tillers.

Lawn Mower Belt have been created for drives with small pulley diameters and high temperature peaks, combined with a high grade of moisture and humidity. It withstands the harshest environmental requirements, such as oil and grease contaminated drives of transmissions, where grit and dirt may interfere between pulleys and the belt.


Features & Benefits of Horticultural Belts

  • Superior resistance to grit, temperature, oil and weather elements
  • Made with a strong cotton cover for long lasting use
  • Provides 15% power increase compared to previous belt versions
  • Reduce drive vibrations
  • Use in single or multiple drive transmissions without restrictions
  • Meets requirements for static conductivity
  • Ideal for lawn mowers, rotovators and tillers

Galloway Industrial can cross-reference your current belt to a horticultural belt and save you money. With over 18,000 different manufacturers part numbers to cross-reference against, we’re confident we can match your belt and save you money.


Belts available for Honda, Qualcast, Flymo, Mountfield, Hayter, Ransome, Westwood and all other leading manufacturers.



Used predominantly in horticultural equipment, the lawn mower belt is also ideal for any application where arduous conditions are experienced such as:

  • Agriculture machinery
  • Forestry machinery
  • Grass cutting equipment
  • Rotavators
  • Tillers
  • Lawnmowers



Galloway Industrial offer a broad range of v-belts by manufacturers including ProTorque, ContiTech, SKF and Optibelt – many of which are held in stock and available for same day despatch. For technical enquiries we have a dedicated power transmission specialist who can assist in finding the right solution for your drive. Contact your nearest branch today for a no obligation quote.


The most widely used V-belts are Z, A, B, C and D classical belts. A cost effective solution, these belts can handle fractional to 375 kW drives. However, they occupy more space, and the drives weigh more than narrow-belt drives. Also, classical belts are usually less efficient than narrow belts. But their versatility and wide range of sizes and types make them an attractive alternative to wedge belts.


Features & Benefits


Wrapped V-Belts:

  • Traditional and most common belt type
  • More suitable for dusty conditions
  • Wide range of driven speeds
  • Low maintenance
  • Highly efficient
  • Easy to install
  • V-Belts are used in a broad range of industries and applications including:


  • Agricultural machinery
  • Construction equipment



Banded Belts consist of belts joined together in a set of multiple strands. Banded Belts virtually eliminate the negative effects of vibrations and are typically used in applications with pulsating loads.



Galloway Industrial offers the most comprehensive range of polyurethane belting and O-rings available, including Eagle Orange 85. Standard V-, round and flat profiles to choose from



Galloway Industrial is an authorised distributor of ContiTech, ProTorque and SKF stocking hundreds of cogged V belts – including 226 different sizes of ProTorque cogged V-belts alone. With such a wide range of brand choice, we’re confident we can fulfil your cogged v-belt requirements and despatch your order immediately.



Cogged Wedge Belts provide powerful sustained transmission, under the most demanding conditions. We stock the ContiTech, ProTorque and SKF ranges of cogged wedge belts, with same day despatch available on a huge range of sizes.



Conveyor belts are used in a range of industries, including mining and quarrying, automotive and transport, construction, chemicals, and recycling.



Galloway Industrial is able to offer a wide range of imperial double sided timings belts, as well as offering an in-house cutting service to ensure that your belt is cut to width and despatched as quickly as possible.


Double sided timing belts have teeth on both sides of the belt, allowing them to grip a toothed pulley from both the inside and outsides of the belt. This means that one belt can drive several pulleys. Double sided timing belts are commonly found in ride-on lawn mowers, hand-held power tools, and vacuum cleaners.



A wide range of metric double sided timing belts are available from Galloway Industrial, which can be cut to width in-house and despatched within minutes of receiving your order.


Double sided timing belts are able to grip from both the inside and outside of the belt, thanks to equally constructed teeth on both sides of the belt. Because of this, one belt is able to drive several pulleys at one time. Double sided timing belts can be found in a range of applications, including ride-on lawn mowers, hand-held power tools, and vacuum cleaners.


Galloway Industrial is an authorised distributor for ContiTech, to find out more about CONTI SYNCHROTWIN and SYNCHROTWIN CXP double-sided timing belt ranges please visit our dedicated Contitech Double Sided Timing Belt pages



Double sided polyurethane timing belts ensure strength and tractive resistance, whilst remaining flexible and low maintenance. They are also highly resistant to oils, fats and greases, as well as most acids and alkalis. For this reason, double sided polyurethane timing belts are often found in the food and beverage industry.


Our in-house cutting service allows us to cut your belt to width and despatch it within minutes of receiving your order, meaning that you could have your new belt the very same day.



The Double Sided V-Belt, Hexagonal Belt or Hex Belt as it is sometimes known, has a cross section of a double section v-belt.

The Double Sided V-Belt is designed for applications in the textile industry and other industries where one or more of the driven pulleys will rotate in different directions.

Galloway Industrial hold large stocks of Double Sided V-Belts to ensure a fast efficient delivery – contact us today with your enquiry.


Features & Benefits of Double Sided V-Belts

Double section V-Belt

Can operate in different directions


  • Double sided V-belts operate in industries such as the:
  • Textile industry
  • Horticultural industry



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